Car breakdowns, a trivial problem makes you lose a day I Starting today, this is how you solve it in two minutes


When a machine breaks down, and we don’t even know where to start looking and get our hands on it, we panic: and at the very least we waste a lot of time and energy.

Not to mention money: often, we resort to the care of a mechanic or one specialist of the sector precisely because we are unaware of what the problem, or its origin. How to fix?

We can avoid both in one fell swoop stress and performance anxiety, is the waste of it all time and those energies psycho – physical, not to mention the money that they would ask in workshop.

How can we do this? Actually, sometimes, it’s really quite simple: just a few minutes and the game is done. Especially if the problem is with the sphere electronics of the car.

It is known that problems, in a car, can generally affect two large macro areas: on the one hand, that purely mechanics, and on the other that electronics. In this case?

Electronic failure: choose to do everything yourself

Often we do not realize that there may be breakdowns in our car which depend on electrical malfunctions and which we can fix it in a flash; as?


It is really quite frequent in particular that the fault refers to the fuseswhich maybe overload and go KO. This can be seen for example with le dashboard lightsor with i lighthouses.

Often the fuse explodes or it wears out, it stops working but, in fact, it can be changed easily. How? And above all, how recognize a fuse? What is that?

The fuse is a small element of plastic in the shape of a rectangle that contains within itself electrical connections and two blades of connection. They serve to protect the main circuit and are designed to ‘short’ in the event of a higher voltage than intended electrical discharge.

Car fuses: how to intervene

They are not all the same and are not found at the same prices. On the internet the offer is wider and they can be found at competitive prices and of all types: that’s enough read the booklet to locate the ones we need.


They are found at ridiculously low prices ranging from fifteen to the fifty cents at most. But the point is? How do you change and be sure to have operated in the right way?

First of all, if we don’t want to go to the mechanic, just read the manual of our car which tells us the position and the guy Of fuse to choose from, as mentioned.

To understand if it really needs to be changed, just look at the filament: if it has run out, this filament is broken. When you go to buy, it is recommended to take two piecesso you always have a spare.

Once I took the old one out of his accommodationactually, it will be quite easy to insert the new one in the same position: And that’s it. However, it is important to understand exactly which type is suitable for yours car. Once this is done, it really is a matter of a few moments, and your car will be back to working as before.

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