Elon Musk is already working on Tesla’s Master Plan 4

Elon Musk is already working on Tesla’s Master Plan 4, a programmatic document that outlines the company’s objectives and future strategies. This was made known by the eclectic entrepreneur himself with a message on platform

According to initial rumours, Master Plan 4 could shift the company’s focus even further away from the auto sectorfocusing instead on topics such as autonomous driving – on August 8th Tesla is expected to present its self-driving robotaxi – and Artificial Intelligence.

There is therefore little hope of seeing within the Master Plan 4 any mention of cheaper electric cars that could “democratize” access to this type of vehicle. On the other hand, it is Musk himself who defined Tesla as “an artificial intelligence and robotics company“. The direction the company wants to take therefore seems clear.

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Tesla’s Master Plans, i.e. the wide-ranging strategic plans that determine the future of the company

You can view Tesla’s Master Plans as the plans that map out the future of the company. A sort of strategic program, which with short sentences indicates the company’s direction of travel.

The first Master Plan dates back to 2006, and can be summarized in four points:

  • Build a sports car
  • Use the money you earn to build a cheaper car
  • Use the money you earn to build an even cheaper car
  • At the same time, you also provide solutions to generate zero-emission electricity

The second Master Plan arrives ten years later, in 2016. Also in this case there are four salient points:

  • Create roofs that are photovoltaic systems and have integrated storage systems
  • Expand the range of electric cars to cover all the main segments
  • Develop autonomous driving technology that is at least 10 times safer than human driving, through a massive learning program
  • Find ways to generate income from your car when you’re not using it

If we can say that all the purposes contained in the first Master Plan have been satisfied, those contained in the second are already partially disregarded. In April last year, Tesla released Master Plan 3, this time less focused on cars and much more focused on how to encourage the use of renewable energy and make the economy sustainable.


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