TIM, Vodafone destroyed with 3 offers of up to 300 GB in 5G

TIM has returned to dominate. Some would never say it, as her offers have always been the most expensive ever, but this time there is something different. The provider who is colored red knows very well where to put his hands and which buttons to press to spark enthusiasm again in his old customers.

Offers have been specifically created, which belong to the same range and which are already at an end 2023 they had been seen to excel among all. Few are left without the useful information to know them, while others know very well what is inside the Power. These really have it all and they demonstrate it from the first solution to the last.

TIM: here are the three offers with everything included, they start from just €6.99 per month

TIM didn’t want any more time to pass, leaving the ball in the hands of other operators. This is the motivation that pushed the company to put into circulation three sensational offers, which belong to the Power range.

The first immediately makes it clear what the Italian provider is made of: the new Power Special costs only €9.99 per month. Inside it users can find unlimited minutes, 200 SMS but most of all 300 gigabytes in 5G.

In second place the new offer does not go unnoticed Power Ironmobile solution that guarantees a monthly price of €6.99. The minutes and messages are the same, but as for the gigabytes there are some 150 in 4G.

The third offer is called Power Supreme Easy, which has a price of €7.99 per month. The difference compared to the last one described is in the gigabytes they are 200 in 4G.

With these new offers TIM wants to dominate and also demonstrates it with the great promotion it offers. There is no activation cost to sign up for but above all the first month is free totally freewith the first monthly payment to be paid from the second onwards.

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