Stellantis: Tim Kuniskis says goodbye after 32 years

Tim KuniskisCEO of the Ram and Dodge brands and responsible for the launch of numerous American muscle cars, is retiring after nearly 32 years with Stellantis. Friday’s announcement comes as Stellantis grapples with declining sales in the United States and as it begins the transition from internal combustion vehicles to electric ones. According to, the automaker’s sales fell 14.1 percent in April, while the industry as a whole saw a 3.1 percent increase.

Tim Kuniskis says goodbye to the Stellantis group after 32 years

For years Kuniskis has been the spokesperson for American performance cars, introducing many powerful models including the Challenger SRT Demon 170 from 1,025 horsepower last year. Kuniskis first came into the spotlight when he was named head of FIAT in North America. He had made his name through sales and dealership operations in the Orlando area for Chrysler since 1993. At the time, he was a senior manager at the Midwest Business Center before becoming director of marketing for the Chrysler brand in 2009.

In 2014, the former CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Sergio Marchionne has chosen Tim Kuniskis to lead the Dodge brand, replacing Ralph Gilles, which maintained its leadership position in the product design division. Under Kuniskis’ leadership, Dodge launched a new era of muscle cars with its Hellcat HEMI engines, taking the brand on an even greater path in performance.

In 2018, Kuniskis left the brands Chrysler, Dodge, SRT and FIAT to become global head of the Alfa Romeo brand, head of the Maserati brand and head of Jeep North America (replacing Mike Manley who had been named CEO of FCA after Marchionne’s death). Subsequently he returned to be CEO of Dodge and later also of Ram. Recall that in March Kuniskis presented two electric versions of the Charger muscle car, maintaining a gasoline-powered version of the Charger but without the Hemi V8 engine.

Tim Kuniskis was recently named CEO of the Dodge and Ram brands. He will be replaced at Ram by Chris Feuel, who will assume responsibility for Dodge in addition to his duties leading the Chrysler brand. As we wrote to you in another article, Matt McAlear will become CEO of the Dodge brand. He has been involved in Dodge sales for a long time and has extensive experience in the automotive industry, the company said in a statement.

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