it will be the turning point for many motorists

This way you earn money by renting your car, the motoring giant has a revolutionary initiative in mind

More and more people are now deciding to rent a car rather than buy their own. Often due to the increasingly higher costs of purchasing a car (without considering petrol, road tax and insurance), other times due to the limited use made of it, or just think of the many travelers who decide, once they arrive to your holiday destination, to rent a car to facilitate your travel. However, a well-known company seems ready to change the cards on the table with a new method.

So you rent and earn (Canva) – Flopgear

Usually, we are used to businesses that make their cars available specifically for rental. But what if, on the contrary, each of us could earn from renting our own car?

I rent Lynk&Co, the revolutionary idea

Think about how many times you are at home and your car remains parked. And what if in those moments instead you could rent it to anyone who needs it at that moment earning an extra income, particularly attractive in a moment that is not exactly simple from an economic point of view? This new interpretation of car sharing could really help both those who have to borrow a car and those who have their own vehicle which they don’t often have.

Lynk & Co (MediaPress) – Flopgear

The idea was launched by the company Lynk & Co, which has created an app for its customers that allows them to make their brand car available for rental. Anyone who owns a Lynk & Co 01 can therefore temporarily sell their crossover in exchange obviously for an economic return.

Just open the app to make your car available, and to ensure that anyone looking for a car to use can quickly find all the free Lynks in their area. In short, the company thought of a win-win.

For now, the initiative has certainly attracted attention and somewhat divided the public. There are those who would be willing to share their car, tempted by the possibility of extra income, and those who do not appreciate the idea of ​​not having their car always available and having to manage potential unexpected events with those who rent the car. And which side are you on? Would you rent your car? In the meantime, all that remains is to find out if other companies will follow in Lynk & Co’s footsteps by opening the same system for their own vehicles too.

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