Which supermarkets are open at Easter and Easter Monday 2024: here is the list

During Easter and Easter Monday, which this year fall on March 31st and April 1st, it is not easy to find an open supermarket. But those who need to buy something at the last minute or have forgotten some essential ingredients for the holiday lunch should not despair: some chains, in fact, have decided to guarantee this service to customers, particularly on Easter Monday. Not all chains have decided to adopt uniform shifts and timetables at a national level, many have preferred to guarantee the service based on the different needs linked to the territory. Let’s see what the openings guaranteed by the main large-scale retail chains present in Italy will be.

Almost all of them are closed at Easter

At Easter, almost all supermarkets will be closed, with some rare exceptions. This is the case for example of Coop Liguria supermarkets which will all be openwhile hypermarkets will be closed. Of the 50 Nova Coop supermarkets, more than half (33) will be open, but only in the morning, with two hypermarkets and the Turin gourmet store Fiorfood also open. While in the rest of Italy the Coop and Ipercoop stores will remain closed. The Esselunga and Lidl stores will also close on Sunday. In the case of Conad-branded supermarkets, openings on public holidays are decided by the individual sales points. Most of these will be closed on Sunday, but to find out it is best to check the instructions of the individual point of sale. Similar story for Carrefour, the managers will decide whether to keep open or closed at Easter. The VéGé, Tosano and Decò group chains will be closed at Easter. In the case of Bennet, however, only the stores located in the most touristy locations will remain open.

Easter Monday openings

On Easter Monday it will be easier to find an open supermarket, here is the list of openings:
long S: all stores will be open from 8am to 8pm
Coop: many stores will be open all day (from 9am to 8pm), particularly in Lombardy, but some will only be open for half a day (2pm). The Coop Alleanza 3.0, Coop Centro, Unicoop Firenze and Coop Reno stores will all be closed (except for one Coop Alleanza store)
Conad: the advice is to call the store to check opening times and hours
Carrefour: also in this case the indication is to contact the point of sale to verify or check on the site
Lidl: on Easter Monday the sales points are open, but in some cases with reduced hours
– Bennett: all points of sale will be open all day (9am-8pm), but opening hours may be subject to change
Deco: all stores will be open, but only in the morning
Tosano: all stores will be open for the whole day

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