Cautious bags. Moody’s effect on banks and spreads in Milan

Cautious bags. Moody’s effect on banks and spreads in Milan
Cautious bags. Moody’s effect on banks and spreads in Milan
(Teleborsa) – The Milan Stock Exchange is moving weaklywhile the rest of Europe is holding at previous values, with investors betting on a pause in the rise in interest rates by global central banks, also in light of the latest decisions by the Chinese central bank.

At Piazza Affari the banks take action after Moody’s decision to improve Italy’s outlook, confirming its rating. In the wake it goes back down spreadsettling at +171 basis points, with a decrease of 4 basis points, while the yield on the 10-year BTP stood at 4.32%.

On the currency market, session slightly up for theEuro / US Dollar, which advances to 1.094. No significant changes forgold, which trades on the day before at 1,978.9 dollars an ounce. Strong earnings day for oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil), up 1.13%.

Among the Euroland indices remains close to parity Frankfurt (-0.13%), flat Londonwhich holds parity, and modest performance for Paris, which shows a moderate increase of 0.20%. Weak session for the Milanese stock exchange, which trades with a drop of 0.23% on the FTSE MIBwhile, on the contrary, the FTSE Italia All-Share, with prices positioned at 31,394 points. Today 9 stocks listed on Piazza Affari detach the dividend and it affects -0.84%.

At the top of the ranking of the most important titles of Milan, we find Amplifon (+2.65%), MPS Bank (+2.20%), Leonardo (+1.64%) e BPER (+1.49%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Mediolanum Bankwhich gets -2.87%.

He hesitates Generali Insurancewith a modest decline of 1.13%.

Slow day for Tenariswhich marks a decline of 0.70%.

Small loss for Ivecowhich trades at -0.63%.

At the top among Italian shares a mid-cap, Saras (+2.97%), Sesa (+1.93%), Acea (+1.74%) e Seco (+1.70%).

The strongest sales, however, occur at LU-VE Groupwhich continues trading at -3.27%.

The negative performance of Digital Valuewhich fell by 2.21%.

(Teleborsa) 20-11-2023 11:07

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