Books, September events in Naples

Books, September events in Naples
Books, September events in Naples

Thursday 21 September, at 6.00 pm, the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, in via Chiaia 1/2, hosts the presentation of the book “La Cacciatrice di Sentimenti” written by Massimo Luongo and published by Rogiosi Editore. Mimmo Malfitano and Monica Ventra will speak together with the author. The moderation is entrusted to Nino Ragosta and the readings are by Lello Pirone and Federica Pirone.

Among the pages of this editorial work, “the reader finds two friends, two mothers, no father, the need for love, faith and transgression, betrayal and repentance, the transition from comedy to tragedy without interruption. These are all the elements that characterize the story of a woman forced to grow up quickly and of the long friendship between two young men who, for different reasons, revolve around her like satellites with their own star. Characters who perfectly embody the contradictions of a city, Naples, where they were born and raised.” From 22 to 24 September, Rogiosi Editore will be at the “Ricomincio dai Libri” fair, where it will bring a good part of the titles in the catalogue.

On Saturday 23 September, at 12.00, in the Marcovaldo space, the book “The virus of corruption” (2023 edition) by Claudio Mazzarese Fardella Mungivera will be presented. “Corruption is the evil of the century. Of humanity. The studies on the devastating effects produced by it in the economic field cannot be concluded in the mere impressive observation of the perceived data – we read in the note – A complete analysis that does the real economic data emerge in terms of damage to the community. The introduction of the now widespread “artificial intelligence” in the calculation mechanisms through a responsible but concrete use of “Open data” has now become a necessity, as knowing the data real, and not just perceived, produced by corruption phenomena will help to guide the legislator in the introduction of new tools to combat its spread”.

On Monday 25 September, at 6.00 pm, Rogiosi Editore returns to the Gran Caffè Gambrinus to present the book “On one’s skin”, written by Mari Rosaria Vitolo. Angela Cortese will speak together with the author and the presentation will be moderated by Imma Borzacchiello. Readings by Ferdinando Tricarico. The story told is set in Borgo Scacciaventi and tells of Maria’s dream of becoming a seamstress. She is good and stubborn, despite her family’s resistance.

“His life flows peacefully – we read in the notes – far from problems or distractions of any kind, until an event shakes up the placid daily life of his existence: the meeting with Mimì, a slim, shy boy who has been tortured by war imprisonment. . The sudden curiosity turns into feeling, the feeling into love. With the world changing rapidly around them, Maria and Mimì will pursue the dream of being independent, of making it on their own, even at the risk of losing the serenity they have always enjoyed. Opening three “glimpses” into the lives of the protagonists, the author simply tells the tale of a couple who find themselves having to face the difficulties of the world and learning “on their own skin” how to overcome them.

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