the writer Ada d’Adamo died, she was among the twelve finalists

the writer Ada d’Adamo died, she was among the twelve finalists
the writer Ada d’Adamo died, she was among the twelve finalists

Ada d’Adamo is no more. The writer originally from Ortona died at the age of 55. Author of the book “Come d’Aria”, published by Elliot, she had recently entered among the twelve finalists of the Strega Prize.

“Come d’aria” was her debut novel, written over years, and published in January 2023: it is about a mother who tells her disabled daughter about the discovery of the disease.

D’Adamo had written various essays on theater and contemporary dance and was an expert in children’s books.

The disappearance of the author was communicated by the publishing house Elliot:

“We are very saddened by the death of the writer Ada d’Adamo, who had published her marvelous “Come d’aria” with us a few months ago. It is difficult to find the right words, we embrace Alfredo and Daria tightly, and all people dear to her. “Will I end up dissolving in you? I’m Ada. I’ll be D’aria…”

“The death of Ada D’Adamo saddens us deeply. There was no time to know her, yet we loved her thanks to her book. In presenting to the public “Come d’aria” Elena Stancanelli, who proposed it to the Witch Award, said that “meeting this story is a gift”. Well, it’s a consolation to know that the writer’s words will continue to reach her readers. To her loved ones goes the moved embrace of the entire Steering Committee of the award. As per the regulation, the novel ‘Come d’aria’ remains in the competition for the LXXVII edition”, the message from the management of the 2023 Strega Prize.

Even the president of the Flaiano International Awards, Carla Tiboni, addressed a thought to the author, who has been ill for some time. “Many things remain of Ada D’Adamo, love, pain, rejection and acceptance of how her life had changed, but above all the magic of feelings that she had managed to build together with her daughter. The word disability in her book disappears, replaced by normality that should never be distinguished. There are no able-bodied and disabled people. There are people. Ada wrote in her book: my body experiences, albeit to a lesser extent, the limits of yours. Before I knew them, I felt them, I touched them through you; then I gradually began to incorporate themThe Flaiano Prizes will always be grateful to Ada d’Adamo for having chosen them for the presentation of her book in Abruzzo”.

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