Books, Elena Masera tells through photos “Extraordinary Morocco”

Books, Elena Masera tells through photos “Extraordinary Morocco”
Books, Elena Masera tells through photos “Extraordinary Morocco”

MILAN (ITALPRESS) – The colors and faces of Morocco are the protagonists of Elena Masera’s photographic book “Extraordinary Morocco” (Tonocontinuo editions). Born in Milan, after 14 years in the service of the media, Elena Masera decides to devote herself to photography, in particular to introspection, which leads her to Morocco, where she settles. It is right in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, where she still lives, that she discovers a light, a landscape of stories to tell: Morocco sublimated by the soul of its inhabitants. Behind each photo is reflected the poetry she feels as she contemplates the landscapes and faces of everyday life. In love with the imperial city of Morocco, with her shots of her she tells, with poetry and mastery, her moods, her streets but, mainly, her characters and faces that show signs of their history.
“Sounds, smells, noises – writes Carlo Ducci in the introduction of the book Extraordinary Morocco – And then voices, songs, perfumes, music and movements. Impossible perceptions in photography, he will say. Yet, in Elena’s images there are sensations that come directly from the memory of those who know Morocco and its people even superficially. Why? Because Elena loves Morocco, without reservations. With critical realism, filtered by the smiles of her soul, she restores this love on faces and situations, people and things, landscapes and glimpses of everyday life, in what appears to be random but which follows the leitmotif of her love- guide her. As an observer, free from prejudice – she adds – she recounts deep-rooted traditions and corners of modernity, ancestral ways of living and Western habits received without question as if the passage of time were a filter for the beauty of life. A seductive skill that makes his images a continuous becoming of faces and glimpses, of skies and architectures, of landscapes and places of the soul: a becoming of colors at first sight the result of magical technical alchemies, but which is known to be true, fascinating, symbolic as immutable.
Each photo is a story in itself, a human story that opens the door of imagination and fantasy, to lead you on an intense and emotional journey that is the prerogative of explorers of all times”.
The book was presented in the spaces of the G Lab Milano showroom in Via Pietro Giannone 4, where an exhibition was set up that enhances the photographer’s project.
Tonocontinuo is a project whose objective is the publication of photographic books dedicated to new talents.
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