Laura Bianco, “The Deception of the Wolf” (Italian Editions) – The Parallel Vision

Laura Bianco, “The Deception of the Wolf” (Italian Editions) – The Parallel Vision
Laura Bianco, “The Deception of the Wolf” (Italian Editions) – The Parallel Vision

Books 2023: Laura Bianco, “The Deception of the Wolf” (Italian Editions)

Is titled “The deception of the wolf” one of the latest books released in bookstores for Italian editions and signed by Laura White.

Jacopo he is a partisan who was injured due to an ankle contusion.

He must choose whether to slow down his teammates or be captured to give them the chance to escape.

He looks at the watch he’s kept on his wrist all these years and can’t help but think about Wolfgangthe man who gave it to her.

It’s at Ulrikehis great love perhaps lost forever precisely because of Wolfgang.

The minutes go by inexorably and Jacopo he will soon have to deal with the past and with the secrets that are hidden in it since his flight to Italy until then.

Will he be able to save himself and recover his lost love?

Among the latest novels released, a text that we advise you not to miss.

Books 2023, “The deception of the wolf”: the style

The deception of the wolf” is a romance novel set during the Second World Warbetween Italy and Germany, in different years.

Although the love story is the common thread that unifies the whole narrative, the reconstruction and historical research that form the background to the main plot have a considerable relevance.

The construction of the plot is complex and articulated, rich in flashback.

The novel is suitable for anyone who loves old-fashioned love stories, but this shouldn’t suggest a trivial triangle, quite the contrary.

The author is very capable of keeping the reader in suspense until the end of the novel, with few but well placed plot twists.

The deception of the wolf“, among the latest books to read, is undoubtedly a fascinating and well-crafted work.

The author

Laura White was born in Turin on 23 January 1971, but spent most of his life in Rivoli, where he currently resides.

Graduated in Communication Sciencesfor about 10 years he edited the contents of various Internet sites.

She began writing as a child and around 2000 she won some amateur literary competitions for short stories.

In December 2022 he published “The deception of the wolf“, his debut novel, thanks to the victory of Literary Prize Novels and Genres 2021-2022 of the publishing house Italian editions.

Book card

  • Title: “The Deception of the Wolf”
  • Author: Laura White
  • publisher: Italian Editions
  • Pages: 164
  • EUR: 18.00
  • ISBN code: 9791280366146

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