“And they all lived, single and happily”, the latest literary effort by Elisa Prandi

CULTURE “And they all lived, single and happy”, a book written by Elisa Prandi, an author who has produced a dozen books under a pseudonym, two of which under the name of “La Prandissima”, has recently been released. They are generally books of “self help” or self-help, personal growth and mindset development.

«Specifically, the two books I’ve written lately – says Elisa Prandi, also known as “the queen of lunch alone” – “And they all lived single and happy” and “S come single”, concern the lives of people who live Sunglasses”. Elisa is a woman who has revolutionized her life within a year. Today, she calls herself a “5-star single” and she wants to share her experience with other singles looking for inspiration and motivation to improve their lives. She is a digital entrepreneur and “self-publisher” and has a contagious smile, a marked irony and an eclectic and independent personality.

Of the recently released book, Elisa says: «In the collective imagination it is thought that being single is a sort of bad luck: being “spinsters” or “bachelorettes” is still seen today as something negative, as if one had not been able to build a stable relationship or as if there is something wrong with being alone. However, the aspect that everyone underestimates is the enormous opportunity that single life offers: to live one’s life in full autonomy, dedicating oneself to one’s personal interests, developing one’s identity and awareness and freeing up personal or professional potential, perhaps even more latent. My books can be a resource for all people who find themselves in this condition, helping them understand that being single is not a defect, but a huge opportunity to grow and fulfill themselves. Singles often find themselves managing situations and feelings that are very different from those in a relationship and it can happen that it is difficult to find adequate resources and support to deal with them: I have dealt with topics such as loneliness, free time management, personal economy, passions and love, using an inspiring and encouraging tone. The starting point of my books is very precise: before loving someone else, it is essential to love yourself, but not only: you must also accept yourself for who you are and be aware of your potential in order to become the best version of yourself. Single life can be a 5-star luxury, but it takes commitment and determination.

Elisa Prandi certainly does not stop here. She has recently been busy writing a book on effective communication and how it can positively influence the quality of life, helping to build healthy and lasting relationships.

Lino Ferrero

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