Second appointment of “Il Maggio dei Libri” 2024

Diano Marina. The second appointment of “Il Maggio dei Libri” 2024 will be held on Friday 17 May at 5.00 pm, at the “Angiolo Silvio Novaro” Library in Diano Marina. On this occasion, the volume by Professor Carlo Agen entitled “The interventions of the Biazaci brothers from Busca in the Dianese area: images as teaching”. The event will take place in the Sala Margherita Drago on the first floor of Palazzo del Parco in Corso Garibaldi 60, with free entry until all available seats are filled. The volume by prof. Agen explores the works of the brothers Tommaso and Matteo Biazaci da Busca, itinerant preachers and painters who decorated the walls of numerous places of worship in the Imperia and Dianese areas. Their wall paintings are characterized by a strong didactic value: they use images that recall popular theater with the aim of conveying religious and moral messages in an immediate and effective way. This visual approach to narration constitutes an early example of image teaching, capable of engaging and instructing at the same time. During the presentation in Diano Marina, prof. Agen – art history teacher at the State Comprehensive Institute of Diano Marina – will dialogue with the art historian Alfonso Sista. From this comparison, an in-depth analysis of the painting techniques of the Biazaci and their cultural and educational impact on the society of the time will emerge. The dialogue will also allow us to contextualize the works within the broader artistic and religious panorama of the period.

“The May of Books promotes reading and culture through a series of meetings and book presentations” declares Sabrina Mexico, Councilor for Culture. “The event on Friday 17 May represents an important opportunity for local art and history enthusiasts to deepen their knowledge of a fascinating aspect of Dianese’s cultural heritage. Participation is free and open to all and offers a unique opportunity for cultural enrichment and dialogue with experts in the sector.”

The activities of the Lucus Bormani Museum scheduled for May

“Il Maggio dei Libri” 2024 – “The interventions of the Biazaci brothers from Busca in the Dianese area: images as teaching”
Friday 17 May at 5.00 pm
“Angiolo Silvio Novaro” Library – Corso Garibaldi 60, Diano Marina

Saturday 18 May – International Museum Day
special opening with guided tour of the Risorgimento Section

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 May, 3.00 pm – Educational workshop “History in the Park”

Info Civic Museum of Lucus Bormani +39 0183 497621 [email protected]

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